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Weapons Charges Attorney / Lawyer in West Michigan

There is not much in recent news that is more controversial than weapons charges, and defending the Constitutional right to bear arms in defense of oneself.  Michigan’s constitutional provision, in Article 1, Section 6 states:  “Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.”  There have been many efforts to change weapons laws over time, both federally and in individual states, and courts can decide whether this constitutional right can be denied under certain circumstances and weapons charges’ convictions.

Defense against weapons charges requires the expertise of a committed criminal defense attorney, who is up-to-date with the complexity of current laws and issues surrounding the use of weapons, such as what types of weapons one may own and use and in what circumstances.  Even if you may not be using a weapon to commit a crime, if one feels threatened if you have a weapon you may be charged with assault.    Matthew R. Kacel has successfully practiced criminal defense in West Michigan for years, and is well-prepared, committed and ready to defend your weapons rights if charged with weapons violations.

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