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West Michigan Sex Crime Attorney / Lawyer

Wrongfully accused, facing penalties such as jail time and being registered as a sex offender – you need the successful, pro-active criminal defense attorneyMatthew R. Kacel.  You have a right to a defense and a proven attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights and return a “not guilty” verdict.  The Muskegon area is fortunate to have the successful criminal defense attorneyMatthew R. Kacel, as this is an area of the law that has seen numerous wrongful convictions that have served to ruin the lives of the innocent.

The facts involved in any sex crimes case can be confounding, and many so-called facts are dubious at best.  A sharp criminal defense attorney can sift through the details of the case with a prompt and thorough investigation, building a criminal defense that will work for you.  Whether you are the victim of a wrongful charge of child molestation from a spouse seeking custody of a child or innocent of a charge of sexual assault, time is essential in providing you the criminal defense needed to prove your innocence.

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