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Property Settlement Attorney / Lawyer in Muskegon MI

Property settlement issues can include property that a couple obtained either before or during their marriage.  The division of property when seeking divorce can be a problematic area, and you will not want to rely on your spouse’s attorney to make all the decisions with your spouse – you will need the dedicated ear of your own counsel.  In the Muskegon, Michigan area, Family Law Attorney Matthew R. Kacel is the clear choice, with his track record of successful resolutions of all Family Law matters, including property settlements.

Although most property settlements in Michigan are settled pre-trial, there are factors that can make it a more fractious procedure, such as your spouse hiding assets from you.  It is not uncommon to find out through the asset discovery process that your spouse has accounts or assets you did not know about.  You need to have your rights protected, but you also need to know you are breaking the law if you do not provide information that is requested.   Discover the commitment and difference that Attorney Kacel can bring to your property settlement case – it will bring you a great sense of relief!

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