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You will need empathetic, focused and well-prepared legal representation if in need of a Family Law Attorney.  The complexities ofMichigan Family Law are best placed in the hands of Matthew R. Kacel and his competent team, who have capably served theGreater Muskegon and West Michigan areas in these matters for many years.    Mr. Kacel understands the grief and heartache that cases such as divorce, child custody and property settlement can bring, and will assist you with the clear and concise steps to take to preserve your rights, and the rights of your children.

The stressors of a weakened economy and the changing structure of many families have brought new complexities and increasing cases to those practicing Family Law.  Societal changes affect not only the incidence of events such as divorce, but also the outcomes.  For example, a father may not be the primary wage earner in a family, or the mother may not be the main parenting figure.  Child custody can be more of a divisive issue, as can property settlements.  Consider that Matthew R. Kacel will work diligently to protect your rights.  Give us a call and we will be happy to demonstrate our commitment to your unique case.

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