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Experienced Homicide Defense Attorney in West Michigan

Serious charges such as the various felony murder & homicide charges should lead you straight to a top-notch, proven criminal defense attorney such as Matthew R. Kacel. Murder charges do not equal conviction, and an experienced, successful criminal defense attorney understands your fear of incarceration and loss of freedom, as well as understanding that you are innocent until guilt is proven. There is also work to be done to minimize penalties if convicted, or the work of lessening the degree of murder conviction, such as from first or second degree murder to manslaughter.

You will need the criminal defense attorney who will be able to pattern a successful defense around credible investigative work. The successful criminal defense attorney works from the facts of the case, and it is extremely critical for one charged with any degree of murder to trust in their attorney with the facts of the case. Matthew R. Kacel will have the empathy and experience to be your attorney of choice – West Michigan knows of his superior legal representation for those charged with murder, not only working for a “not-guilty” verdict, but also aggressively dealing with any post-conviction details, such as appeals.

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