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Drug – related arrests account for a good percentage of inmates in jails and prisons. Those arrested and imprisoned usually indicate that the crimes they committed were driven by the need for money for their drugs. At least a quarter of the victims of drug-related crimes testify that the perpetrator of the crime was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crime was committed, which will usually increase the risk for any injury to a victim. If arrested on charges of a drug-related crime such as theft or illegal possession, you will need an expert criminal defense attorney who will understand the laws and work tirelessly with you for a credible, successful defense.

Matthew R. Kacel is such an attorney, with the experience needed for an expert defense. He will also pursue any post-conviction matters if needed, such as appeals and other conviction outcomes. Mr. Kacel understands that mental health issues often correlate with drug-related arrests, and how those issues can support a successful defense. He also understands that your privacy must be respected and strongly defended, as is consistent with all applicable laws.

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