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Expert Criminal Defense Attorney in West Michigan

With rigorous attention to the details of each individual case, Attorney Matthew R. Kacel has successfully worked to defend those charged with misdemeanors such as drunk driving and embezzlement, traffic offenses, varying felony charges such as felonious assault, murder, and criminal sexual conduct, as well as welfare fraud and home invasion.  It is your right when charged with a crime to have legal representation in order to best protect your legal rights.  You need this representation immediately to ensure you understand the need to keep silent until legal representation is present.  Your successful defense can then be built with your criminal defense attorney.

You are innocent until proven guilty, and need the criminal defense attorney who will do his utmost to return a “not guilty” verdict by precisely and vigorously defending the charges rendered against you.  One’s ability to pay for a criminal defense attorney is not an issue, as all are guaranteed the right to a defense for any type of criminal charge.   You also will need the criminal defense lawyer who knows all the specifics of criminal defense law and help you with any post-conviction matters.  You will need Matthew R. Kacel.

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