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West Michigan Child Relocation Attorney – Change Of Domicile Lawyer

If your child custody settlement is complicated by issues that child relocation can bring, you will need the compassionate, skilled counsel of Matthew R. Kacel, who is very familiar with the laws regarding these issues.  Attorney Kacel understands the grief and sense of loss that child custody issues can bring, and when a child has the potential of being relocated even further away from one parent, this can raise many complex problems for the parent being left behind as well as the child.

As in all child custody issues, the courts first look at what is in the best interest of the child.  Parents fighting child relocationclearly need to have the same focus, but also the help of a committed Family Law Attorney to aggressively fight for the parents’ rights and desire to participate regularly in parenting.  Long-distance parenting has challenges that cannot be ignored.  Let Attorney Kacel show you just how committed he will be in your case, every step of the way to the successful resolution for your child relocation issue.

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