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Proven Assault & Battery Defense Attorney in West Michigan

Assault & Battery Charges may be designated as a misdemeanor or felony charge, usually depending on the severity of intent or injury, or if a weapon is involved. In investigating the details of these charges, the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney is of paramount importance, as these charges can remain on your record permanently. It is also important to note that assault and battery are two different charges, based on whether contact has occurred, but both involve intent, whether harm or offense is part of that intent.

Assault is an act creating the perceived apprehension that someone means to do you harm or some other offensive act, and has the perceived ability to carry it through. Assault can also be charged if you have threatened someone with a harmful or offensive act. Battery involves the actual physical contact made that is harmful or offensive. These are serious charges, necessitating a serious, committed criminal defense attorney, such as Matthew R. Kacel, who will compassionately and empathetically listen to you and work aggressively in your defense.

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